Removing FLEXlm protection.

Step-by-step instruction.

1. Decide what do you need!

We can offer you followign things :

  • Replace your hardware key with dongle emulator;
  • Calculate new license that requires no dongle at all;

2. Dongle emulator

If you want to emualte Globetrotter FlexID please visit XFLEX.SOFTWARE-KEY.ORG
XFlex 2004 is a powerful user-friendly product that can easy emulate your FlexID!
Click here to drop us a message if you need this service and XFlex is not what you're looking for!

3. New license that requires no dongle

You'll get permanent uncounted license that requires no dongle and allows you run application on any computer. Software is required. Contact us to get more information about this service and negotiate a way of sending us your software.

4. Contact us for more details.

Give us more information and we will do our best to satisfy your needs. Feel free to write us to