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This dongle protected $20.000 software. Until the day something wrong happened.... Now it is the exhibit #1 in our DONGLE MUSEUM.
Don't wait your dongle to break - replace it by our software. Just imagine how much will you lose if one day you can't start your application. By the way, it is much more difficult to make software replacement if dongle is not available.
Contact us for more details.

QUESTION: I tried your demo version and found it working fine, but how can I be sure that I receive full version after payment?
ANSWER: We take money only after trial version is tested by you and you're ready to pay for full version. If trial is working it means that full version is already done and it'll make us no difficulties to send you full solution. Just understand that it's more important for us to keep good reputation. Our reputation is more expensive than the cost of your order.

QUESTION: My software updates every 3 months. Will your software work with new version and what's the cost of update?
ANSWER: If you only receive updated software and dongle stays the same no update is required. Sometimes company also replaces dongle. Then software replacement also needs to be updated. But it is free of charge.

QUESTION: My notebook that had dongle protected software was stolen and it will take about 3 month to get insurance to purchase new dongle, is there something you can do for me?
ANSWER: In any case, we can try. Sometimes there's no chance to make solution if no dongle is available, but usually we succeed. And one more important thing : such solution costs more that making back-up of your dongle.

QUESTION: Can I use your products on Windows 95 and Windows NT?
ANSWER: Every solution is designed for Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. You pay only once for solution, there's no need to purchase support for every operational system.

QUESTION: It seems my program works faster with your software. I cannot belive it is true!
ANSWER: Yes, software replacement saves time because when you're using software instead of your original hardware key so no long input-output procedure is required and application runs faster.

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